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It is so exciting looking into the upcoming year in the life of our church. In an effort to resource some of the initiatives that we will be pursuing in the upcoming months we will be taking up an Extra Mile Offering over the next several weeks. This year’s Extra Mile Offering will be focusing on three main areas of ministry at SonLife. These three areas are: benevolence, the children’s ministry and our building (including our sound system).

Benevolence and community outreach:
We have had the opportunity over the last year to be a blessing to our city by contributing to community organizations that meet the practical needs of people first hand. We desire to continue to be generous and make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate in our city. As we do, I believe that God will open doors of opportunity to minister his grace and the Good News to many more people.

Children’s ministry initiatives:
We believe at SonLife that children are not just important to our future, they are our future. We want to be able to invest into the lives of the next generation with the best quality curriculum, programs and teaching resources. With the finances raised through the Extra Mile Offering we will be able to keep up to date with our children’s ministry.

The building:
I believe that we can engage in architectural evangelism by making our facilities the best that we possibly can. If you have been at SonLife for any length of time you have seen the amazing transformation that has taken place with our building since we were blessed with it several years ago. Although we have come a long way, there are still things that can be improved and up graded. We want our facility to serve the vision and mission of SonLife to its fullest capacity. With that in mind we are planning to dedicate a portion of the Extra Mile Offering to some much needed repairs and completing some already started projects.

Let’s believe together and pray that God will enable us to reach our goal of $7500 over the next several weeks. This will be accomplished by the continued faithfulness of our SonLife family each doing what they can as God leads us in generosity. We are a part of the amazing, beautiful, generous bride of Christ. It is a privilege to do church with you. Thank you.

Looking forward to a breathtaking 2012,

Pastors Glenn and Debbie